English Learners (ELs) are Best Served by Research on ELs, not Reading Wars


As various states, including California, Colorado and Tennessee, move new state reading and literacy policies forward, we at SEAL are noticing a trend that concerns us deeply. There is an overemphasis on a standardized, universal approach to English literacy teaching, especially reading instruction, that is based primarily on some of the research and history of teaching English reading to monolingual English speakers. While there is overlap in “what works” for monolingual English speakers as well as for English Learners, there are also unique differences for English Learners or ELs, who themselves are not a monolithic group. Let’s not repeat the mistakes of the past by assuming that good instruction for some students translates to good instruction for all students, and ignoring the unique biliteracy needs and linguistic assets of ELs.

English Learners (ELs) are Best Served by Research on ELs, not Reading Wars2023-04-06T17:16:28-07:00

SEAL statement in solidarity with AAPI community


SEAL stands with our Asian Americans and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities as targeted violence has escalated throughout the pandemic. The STOP APPI Hate Reporting Center documented 2,808 anti-Asian hate incidents in 2020, and over 700 of these occurred in the Bay Area alone, SEAL’s home region. These acts of hate are rooted in ignorance and biases that have been heightened by the ongoing global pandemic.

As previously stated in our Black Lives Matter statement, we can and must do better. We will continue to advocate on behalf of our diverse student populations, and especially our most vulnerable community members. In California, AAPI students account for the second-largest demographic of Dual Language/English Learners. We call upon policymakers and leaders to support these communities, particularly the victims and families affected by these incidents. This is a stark reminder that urgent action must be taken to protect our AAPI community from hate, discrimination, and violence. Only through the power of community care can that be accomplished.

We are inspired by and join the diverse coalitions that have come together to stand in solidarity with the AAPI community. SEAL’s mission– all Dual Language/English Learner students in California learn, thrive and lead– requires this collective commitment to creating a safe and inclusive society.

SEAL statement in solidarity with AAPI community2023-04-06T17:18:28-07:00
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