In the dynamic landscape of modern education, the significance of fostering inclusivity and embracing linguistic diversity cannot be overstated. Sahira Larios, a dedicated kindergarten teacher and SEAL partner in the bilingual Spanish-English program at Oak Grove School District, has become a beacon of inspiration in this regard.

Learn more about how she builds strong partnerships with multilingual families in this enlightening New America blog post authored by SEAL’s Research & Evaluation Manager, Camille R. Whitney.


We delve into Sahira’s remarkable approach to teaching, as she shares her insights on supporting multilingual learners and nurturing collaborative relationships with families to amplify student engagement and language development. Join us as we explore Sahira’s unique perspective and glean wisdom from her experience, illuminating a path for educators and policymakers to enrich the educational journey of every multilingual student.

“I became a bilingual teacher because of my own positive experiences as a student in a bilingual program from kindergarten to third grade. My parents, who immigrated from Mexico, always encouraged me and my three sisters to speak Spanish at home because they wanted us to keep our connection to our roots in Mexico while also learning new things in the U.S. When I became a teacher I really wanted to reinforce in my students that they come with a lot of assets from their hometowns and countries, and help them integrate that part of themselves in the classroom.”