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Bringing Joy into the Home

A flyer with a list of ideas in Spanish & English about how to bring joy back into the home after a year of shelter in place. A wonderful resource to include in monthly family newsletters.

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Classroom Audit

A classroom audit involves a non-judgemental reading of the messages conveyed by the materials present in a classroom. Use this classroom template to look at your classroom through the lens of equity and diversity. interactions between students and teachers, books on the shelves, and arrangement of furniture through the lens of equity and diversity.

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Oral Language Analysis for Designated ELD

The Oral Language Analysis strategy provides teachers an opportunity to record student learning and language production, and then analyze their language to determine a series of lessons or steppingstones to be adddressed during Designated ELD.

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Promoting a Sense of Identity

Supports teachers by providing ways they can work with families to promote children’s proud sense of identity, connection to home culture and heritage, plus respect for diversity.

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