A P-3 Framework: Centering English Learners

A P-3 Framework: Centering English Learners”, authored by Dr. Laurie Olsen with SEAL, focuses on building aligned practices for English learners/dual language learners success across the crucial developmental phase, ages 3–8, for language, literacy, learning, and identity, and with a focus on supporting deep, joyful learning and development.

During the past decade, increased attention to the importance of the early years in a child’s education and development has led to major initiatives linking preschool to primary-grades schooling. Existing P–3 frameworks address general systems and policy issues related to creating aligned, appropriate P–3 systems. These issues are important but inadequate as a framework and guidance for practice for the millions of linguistically and culturally diverse children and families that early education and elementary schools serve throughout the United States.

SEAL’s P–3 Framework  articulates a set of pedagogical and system-design principles that derive from the knowledge base on effective practices for EL/DLLs, culturally and linguistically sustaining approaches, research on dual language development, and experiences building systems that appropriately serve immigrant and dual language communities and enable effective practices to be implemented.

The P-3 Framework Centering English Learners content includes

  • The Vision
  • Why an EL-Centric P–3 Framework? Why Now?
  • Why “English Learner”? The Issue of Terminology
  • Eight Key Understandings
  • Eleven Overarching Principles
  • Aligned System Components for Coherence and Impact
  • Reflection and Planning Tool for States and Local Educational Agencies

Together, we have the potential to build an inclusive, equitable and responsive P-3 system for English Learners that fosters lifelong learners who thrive, possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and self-assurance to actively engage and take leadership roles in diverse linguistic and cultural environments.

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