Mountain View School District Case Study Brings to Life SEAL implementation Across a District

Our work at SEAL focuses on creating long-term systemic change that supports English Learners (ELs) and Dual Language Learners (DLLs). Transforming the system starts in the classroom. Through collaboration among teachers, families, coaches, principals, and district leaders, comprehensive, sustainable, robust, equity-minded, research and values-based school improvement efforts can be generated across different contexts, regions, and systems. Our case study series demonstrates that it is possible.

The Mountain View School District Case Study is the third and last in our case study series that captures the extensive story of a school district’s journey to SEAL implementation. While our evaluation research and policy briefs allow readers to learn how SEAL improved teaching and learning, and how students demonstrated stronger engagement and positive outcomes, Social Policy and Research Associates helped us document three district’s unique approaches to SEAL implementation filled with examples and reflection from school district leaders and educators.

In this case study, we follow Mountain View School District, which serves preschool through eighth-grade students in the San Gabriel Valley. Ninety percent of the district’s students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch, and more than half are English Learners (ELs). While the majority of ELs speak Spanish, the district also serves students who speak Arabic, Tagalog, Mandarin, and Vietnamese.

Prior to its partnership with SEAL, the district had been grappling with low EL test scores and low EL classification rates of students. Following a yearlong study funded by the California Community Foundation and in partnership with Californians Together, leaders discovered the root causes of students’ low achievement and were introduced to the SEAL model as an EL-focused early grades strategy.

The case study explores the conditions that enabled the district to adopt and implement SEAL successfully, relying on existing SEAL structures, training, and supports, all the while adapting to and complimenting its unique context and needs. The district developed an EL master plan with policies, structures, and implementation components that specifically referenced the SEAL model as a way to better center EL students’ needs. It set aside funding from its Local Accountability Action Plan and used seed funding from California Community Foundation for implementation efforts. Mountain View ultimately invested fully in adopting SEAL in a way that has facilitated SEAL integration into instruction, policies, systems, and practices throughout the district.

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To complement the Mountain View School District Case Study we are sharing the November 2021 webinar recording where district leaders shared their experience with SEAL implementation and opened up about the challenges and opportunities as they pivoted to virtual learning at the onset of the pandemic, and how they continue to work with educators to accelerate the learning of their students.

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We look forward to working alongside educators and school communities to deliver powerful learning opportunities centered around the assets and needs ELs and DLLs so that all students can excel and thrive.

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